Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Welcome 2016

Jan./Feb. 2016 California Bountiful magazine

With the busy holiday season behind us, we hope you're able to take some time for yourself. Whether that's perusing our magazine, trying a new recipe or gazing out the window at what nature has to offer at this time of year, you get to choose.

With that thought in mind, we've begun a new column called "Take 5," which invites you to sit backĀ and read about food, topics and trends that relate to California farms and ranches. This inaugural edition shows you how California helps feed the nation—by providing virtually 100 percent of the domestic supply of several important foods.

Something we enjoy each January is showcasing our state's rural life through the eyes of photographers—of all ages—who have won our past year's photo contest. We also profile the annual Leopold Conservation Award winner and finalists: These farmers and ranchers are honored for their stewardship of the land and commitment to conserving natural resources.

Look for other inspiring stories as well: farmers whose recycled hoses and plastic are transformed into fashionable and functional products; flowers taking center stage at Field to Vase Dinner Tours; a professional racecar driver and winemaker who puts family first; a bakery's changing menu of sweet and savory cupcakes made with local produce; and a cooking instructor who shares amazingĀ recipes.

So, go ahead and take five—or however much time you want.You deserve it!

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