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Trio of kebobs

Recipe by:Joni Sare
Therapeutic chef and nutrition educator, Cupertino


  • 20 seedless grapes
    20 blackberries
    20 (1-inch) cubes watermelon
  • 20 (1/2-inch) julienne slices red bell pepper
    20 half-moon cucumber pieces (peel and seeds removed)
    20 (1-inch) cubes cantaloupe
  • 20 small strawberries
    20 blueberries
    20 (1-inch) cubes peachesĀ 


Alternate the combinations of fruits and vegetables on skewers—or try your own favorites. For added depth of flavor, serve on a platter alongside any of the three dipping sauces. Each three-item combination makes four servings.

Dipping sauces:

Califonia Bountiful