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Jan./Feb. 2014 California Bountiful magazine

Converted post office lives on as community's connecting point

Chef David LeFevre

When Michelin-starred chef David LeFevre glances out at diners happily sharing brunch items at his restaurant, Manhattan Beach Post, he views it as a community experience.

"Brunch is a time for people to gather with those that they enjoy. They're together to celebrate, to start the day with something wonderful," he said. "We're here to make that happen."

Beyond the expansive windows in the converted 1960s post office that remind MB Post diners they're just 50 yards from the ocean, LeFevre sees his Manhattan Beach restaurant as part of a community of businesses and farmers that successfully joins forces to support local fundraisers, especially those that emphasize healthy eating.

"As a restaurant business, we want to better the lives and experiences of people around us," he explained. "That includes the people we work with, those we serve and others in our community."

As an example, LeFevre recently celebrated his 40th birthday by throwing a huge dinner party at MB Post, benefiting an organization that teaches children in underprivileged communities how to cook healthy meals.

"Our chefs are always excited to try something different," he said. He and his staff plan the week's menu with trips to the Santa Monica Farmers Market and local farms.

When it comes to gathering friends and family for brunch at home, LeFevre shares some tips.

"Plan the menu and prepare things ahead so you can spend as much time with your guests as possible," he recommended.

"People like to be involved, so invite them to help in the kitchen or bar while you're getting things ready." 


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