Califonia Bountiful

Being water wise

May/June 2014 California Bountiful magazine

California is in the midst of its worst water shortage crisis on record, and California Bountiful wants to help you be able to do your part to save water. Below is information about drought-tolerant gardens, water-smart landscaping, water conservation rebates and more.

Water-wise gardening

The sites below will help you find drought-tolerant plants and adjust your irrigation controllers to reduce your outdoor water use.

Gardening Q&A and more…

California Bountiful gardening expert Pat Rubin answers readers' questions about water conservation.  Also view two related stories from our archives.

Water conservation rebates

Find links below to help you save money on water conservation tools, from low-flow showerheads and toilets to cash-for-grass programs.

Other tools and information

If you just want to know more about water use and where your water comes from, the information below can help. Find your local water district for details on water restrictions in your area and local programs and rebates.

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