Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: A taste of home

Sept./Oct. 2014 California Bountiful magazine

Few things say "home" more than a special family recipe. Sharing food—whether at holiday gatherings, office potlucks or neighborhood block parties—creates and reinforces bonds. It connects people.

That's why we asked, "Why is this recipe special?" in our recent recipe contest. Entries and stories came from all ages and walks of life, including those with agricultural backgrounds as well as urban and suburban dwellers. Our team selected two co-winners: Karl Flores from San Diego, who entered Grandma Vera's Rolled Cheese Tacos and Fideo, and Kim Kelly from Carlsbad for her California Avocado Frozen Yogurt.

Karl tells us that when his mother would come home with tortillas, cheese, tomatoes and other items, "we knew we were in for a treat." Grandma Elvira "Vera" Flores created for her family an inexpensive noodle soup that is flavorful and satisfying. The recipe even includes "the Grandma trick" for making perfect pasta.

Kim says her "love for the California avocado runs deep." Hers is a story of her friend Pablo, who shares overflowing buckets of avocados with her and other parents whose children are in a dance class together. She describes how she combines her friend's avocados with nonfat Greek yogurt, coconut milk and citrus to create "a rich and ultra-creamy confection worthy of guests."

Yes, food is special. It connects us—figuratively and literally—to our roots and to the land. Congratulations, Karl and Kim, and thank you to all who shared their taste of home with us.


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