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Get your cheese to say 'cheese'

Sept./Oct. 2014 California Bountiful magazine

Photo tips from California Bountiful's photographers

How to take great food photos? That is the question—and our photographers have answers. Here, they tell how to capture the beauty of your mouthwatering meals and fresh picks from the farmers market. And with your food-to-photo skills, be sure to enter this year's amateur photography contest by Sept. 30.

Here are more photo tips and food photos from our photographers, and remember to follow us on Pinterest for even more food fun:


  • Light from behind or from the side; images are brighter and more dynamic that way.
  • Adding a bit of fill light in the front is a common technique.
  • Natural window lighting works well with food.


  • Take pictures from several angles—above, diagonal, sides—to capture textures and perspectives.
  • Reflections, such as a marble surface, can add depth and texture to the image without adding clutter.
  • Use spices or garnishes to add texture to plain-looking food, such as creamy soup and yogurt.
  • Raw ingredients and colorful placemats can add interesting texture.

Props and plates:

  • Solid-colored plates highlight the food as the star of the photo.
  • Have fun with different and colorful props, but keep it simple.
  • Remember to keep plates and utensils clean.

Food for fun:

  • Use lemon juice to preserve colors of food that turns brown quickly.
  • Pick the freshest ingredients—without blemishes or bruises.
  • Brush vegetables with a bit of oil to make them glisten or mist salad with water for a fresher look.

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