Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Behind the scenes

Sept./Oct. 2015 California Bountiful magazine

More than fun with food

We've always encouraged California Bountiful readers, TV viewers and social media followers to have fun with their food. We stand by that, of course, while we also acknowledge the serious side of agriculture and what goes into growing the food and other products we enjoy from our state's farmers and ranchers. 

In this issue, for example, we highlight a former NFL player who studied veterinary science during the offseason and now uses his expertise in genetics for producing great steaks. In addition, read about a farmer who, after years of testing, successfully grows pumpkins in the likeness of Frankenstein, and about folks growing olives for California-certified extra virgin olive oil. We also feature a cookbook author who creatively translates nutritional science into delicious recipes, describe how an aquaponics system mimics nature with fish that feed crops, and offer insight into how new flavors, shapes and sizes of fresh grapes are now options for shoppers.

Yes, food is fun—but what's going on behind the scenes can be an even more compelling story.

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