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Harry's Berries finds sweet success with strawberries

If you live in Southern California and buy produce at one of the local farmers markets, you probably already know about Harry's Berries. Started in 1967 by Harry Iwamoto, the family-owned farm is now run by Harry's daughter and son-in-law, Molly and Rick Gean.

One way Harry's Berries has found success is by shifting its business model over the years. Nearly two decades ago, falling wholesale prices combined with increased farming costs led the family to transition from wholesale suppliers to selling directly to customers at farmers markets. Molly says it was a business and lifestyle decision they struggled with at first, but couldn't be happier with now.

"We get instant feedback on all of our fruits and vegetables, and it helps us on what to grow for future seasons," she said.  

Providing year-round variety is also another way the family stays competitive. They grow a variety of crops, including various kinds of strawberries, beans and tomatoes.

Growing and evolving is something the family hopes to continue to do with their farm as they expand the legacy that began generations ago.

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