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V. Miller Meats

Visit a place in California's capital city that is carving out a niche in the world of butchery!

Step inside V. Miller Meats in East Sacramento and you can tell immediately this isn't just a meat market. Rather, it's an ode to meat and the neighborhood butcher, that near-vanished breed that slices, dices and serves it up fresh to the Capital City's beef eaters and other assorted carnivores. Once, every neighborhood had a mom-and-pop butcher shop, but chain grocery stores and consumer preference for one-stop shopping did away with most of them. Owner and head butcher Eric Veldman Miller hopes to change that.

One reason V. Miller Meats is unique is that it is a whole-animal butcher shop that sources from local ranches. Rare is the butcher today who knows the farmer or rancher producing the meat he sells. And as a whole-animal butchery, the shop offers meat from the entire animal—nose to tail.

"There's a finite amount of these prime cuts … that everybody wants," Eric said. "There are so many other cuts that are so spectacular and so delicious and really easy to prepare, and we want to highlight those and educate folks on them too."

Everything they sell, they butcher onsite. Watching Eric and his co-workers in motion, carving their way through a piece of meat, is like watching an artist at work.

Also unique here is the fact that Eric was once the chef de cuisine at several Northern California restaurants. So if you need some tips on cooking a cut of meat, you're in luck. This neighborhood butcher might just cut you some slack (pun intended) and offer up a few ideas!

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