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From the editors: Summer daze

May/June 2017 California Bountiful magazine

As late spring slides into longer, warmer summer days, some of the season's time-honored traditions filter into our daydreams and summer plans.

We're remembering the lights and sounds of the midway after dark, the taste of buttery grilled corn on the cob and the nuzzle from a blue-ribbon sheep at the county fairs of our youth—and penciling the dates of this year's fair on our calendars. We've brought you a look at how county fairs are marrying favorite traditions with modern offerings to keep patrons coming back year after year.

We're savoring the bounty exploding into our gardens, farmers markets and supermarket shelves, and hankering for ways to make our favorite flavors outlast the season. Read about the resurgence of the old-fashioned arts of canning, jam-making and pickling, and pick up tips for your own kitchen tinkering. Plus, find out how another delicious blast from the past has reclaimed its former popularity thanks to a simple idea prioritizing customer convenience.

For when your daydreams turn to a longing for a change of pace, read about a family who left suburbia for the expanses of a Northern California ranch. Or plan your own escape by mapping out a road trip to picturesque Trinity County, our featured travel destination.

When your furry companion breaks your reverie and brings you back to reality with a bark—I need a walk! Time for my dinner!—check out our story about the latest trend in California-fresh dining for dogs.

Wherever your travels, real or imagined, take you this summer and beyond, we at California Bountiful are glad to be along for the ride with you.

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