Califonia Bountiful

Sprouting Wisdom

May/June 2017 California Bountiful magazine

Gardening advice to grow from

Advice: "I often get asked which is my favorite season in the garden. The answer is invariably spring, summer, autumn and winter—which is telling the truth, but avoiding the question! Each season is to be enjoyed in the garden and every season should be planned for interest and pleasure. With the amazing range of plants now available to choose from, this can be achieved in even the smallest garden." —Adrian Bloom, author of "Year-Round Garden"

My take: Bloom is right, of course. Many people think the garden season ends when winter approaches, but there are plants that bloom even in the dead of winter, which, of course, makes the phrase "dead of winter" obsolete. The trick is to find beauty in all seasons and to appreciate a plant for its seasons. For small gardens, that means being ruthless about finding plants that are beautiful even when they are dying. Visit the nursery in all seasons and bring plants that interest you into the garden, and your garden will have peaks every month of the year.

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