Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Going with the flow

July/August 2017 California Bountiful magazine

As every farmer or rancher knows, there's a natural balance and rhythm to each day, each season, each year. An ebb and flow. A give and take.

We're getting into the flow with this issue of California Bountiful, encouraging you to take a little and give a little too.

Take a bite out of a juicy, California-grown plum, and meet a family who's been growing plums for generations.

Take a taste of something new: Learn about the first California farmer to bring our state the surprising pop of flavor from finger limes, a fruit unlike any other.

Take a second look at a stunning field of sunflowers, grown not for their looks or for snacking, but for other farmers around the world.

Take time for a summer indulgence, but with balance: Make a good-for-you recipe from L.A.'s Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop, then chase it with a scoop of ice cream from an inventive Sonoma creamery.

And when it's time to give a little, why not give a bouquet of flowers to a friend or someone in need? That's the idea behind a free community zinnia patch planted each year by a Northern California farm business owner, for the pure pleasure of spreading beauty and goodwill to neighbors.

Or give shelter to barn owls in your own backyard, aiding the helpful birds that fight rodents in fields and on farms. People in the produce business are giving back too, with an annual multi-day bike ride to raise money for salad bars in schools.

This season, like any other, won't last long. But for now, we hope you enjoy all that California has to offer—the give and the take.

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