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Cotton Candy grapes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with grapes that taste like candy

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On the outside, they look like any other green grape you've seen: brightly colored globes that look plump and tender and smell sweet and fruity. In other words, if it looks like a grape and smells like a grape, then it must be a grape, right? Not if you're farmers Jim Beagle and Jack Pandol. The two set out to change the way we think about grapes by coming up with one of the sweetest treats around: Cotton Candy grapes.

Thanks to plant breeding and an unwavering desire to bring the best-tasting fruit to consumers, the two farmers and their company, The Grapery in Bakersfield, came up with these ordinary-looking grapes with extraordinary flavor.

In addition to Cotton Candy grapes, they've also introduced several other unique varieties, including ones called Gum Drops, Flavor Pops and Moon Drops—all available for a limited time during the summer.

Getting these to the grocery store is a year-round job. From planting to pruning to harvesting, these grapes are treated with just a little extra TLC to ensure they are extra special for consumers.

"Grapes are a very labor-intensive crop, and it's not by accident everything looks like it's hanging perfectly from the vine and its own little space with its own amount of room, sunlight and leaves behind it," Beagle said. "A lot of work goes in the winter and spring and summer to make sure that we almost manicure every branch of grapes (so) it comes out looking and tasting the way it's supposed to."

And while grapes have been grown in the Golden State for quite some time, none are quite like these—which proves California farmers continue to be at the forefront of what's new and exciting in the world of produce!

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