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From the editors: #DidYouKnow

September/October 2017 California Bountiful magazine

Beyond the hashtag

#DYK and #DidYouKnow are popular hashtags that help social media users collect facts. In the same respect, each issue of California Bountiful magazine could be considered a collection of #DYK information about farming and ranching, and how these pursuits impact our daily lives.

Did you know almost all the tomatoes, watermelons, celery and cauliflower grown in California get their start as seeds in a greenhouse and are then transplanted to farm fields? In this issue, the California Bountiful team shows how this efficient process helps ensure a plentiful supply of food for our tables.

Did you know milk was once San Diego County's No. 1 agricultural product, but only three commercial dairy farms remain there today? These pages introduce you to a family that has found a creative way to keep its dairy farm thriving despite the odds. And good news: We're all invited to join in the fun.

Did you know the once-maligned Brussels sprout has become so popular that California farmers must hustle to keep up with demand? A food-truck operator whose Brussels sprouts outsell fries 4-to-1 as a sandwich accompaniment illustrates the vegetable's elevated status.

There are plenty more #DYK tidbits woven throughout the magazine, but we don't want to spill the beans. Speaking of beans, did you know large limas are the most plentiful variety of dry beans grown in California?

We hope you enjoy this issue of California Bountiful magazine—and be sure to watch for our #DYK facts, games and contests on social @cabountiful.

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