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Lundberg Rice

A small grain has a big impact on family

Almost synonymous with the tiny Butte County town of Richvale are the words "rice" and "Lundberg." The three have been intertwined since the 1930s, when Albert and Frances Lundberg escaped the Dust Bowl and moved to California in hopes of a brighter future for their four boys: Eldon, Wendell, Harlan and Homer.

The Lundbergs' original farming mantra—"Leave the soil better than you found it"—is a philosophy that has permeated every aspect of what is now a vast enterprise. They've grown into one of the largest organic rice producers in the country and have one of the most recognizable names in the business. And along the way, the family has remained committed to sustainable farming practices that care equally for soil, air, water and wildlife.

The Lundbergs have made a conscious effort to be sustainable farmers, practicing things like crop rotation and providing habitat for birds in their rice fields—all while helping feed a nation seeking more variety with their food, including rice. The Lundbergs farm everything from basmati to jasmine to Arborio. You name a rice and they're probably growing it, but always with an eye on innovation. For example, they were the first to offer organically grown quinoa to consumers on a national scale.

The Lundberg Farm is a fully integrated business, so from harvesting to processing to food making, everything is done at their Richvale headquarters. The harvested rice is cleaned, hulled and milled all in one location. It is then sorted for use in a variety of products sold across the country, including dozens of varieties of boxed rice chips, noodles and everyone's favorite healthy snack: rice cakes.

The Lundbergs have extended their sustainable farming methods to their food-making businesses, installing solar panels to offset some of their power needs and becoming a zero-waste facility—meaning they divert an impressive 99 percent of their waste from the landfill.

For this family, it's all part of the bigger picture of continuing a legacy seen in every product with the Lundberg name on it.

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