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The Burger Saloon

Comfort food meets farm-to-fork at this Northern California hot spot

When it comes to comfort food, burgers often appear near the top of the list—and that's why bothers James and Chris Lombardi decided to open a restaurant devoted to the all-American meal.

Located in Woodland, about 20 miles northwest of Sacramento, America's Farm to Fork Capital, The Burger Saloon relies on local produce to round out the menu. Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and garlic are just a few of the items that top their burgers.

Speaking of burgers, on any given day there are more than 40 options available. The owners work with local ranchers for some of the beef on the menu and have branched out in recent months to offer a more exotic item: bison meat. For vegetarians, they have a dozen salads to choose from and even created their own take on a classic veggie burger that features black beans, beets, quinoa, mushrooms and onions.

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