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GoatHouse Brewing Co

Northern California brewery goes from farm to glass

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Wanting to start a new adventure—or in their case, "ag-venture"—together, Michael and Cathy Johnson left jobs in the urban jungle of the Bay Area to pursue the rural life in Lincoln, about 30 miles northeast of Sacramento. They came up with GoatHouse Brewing Co.

With a name like GoatHouse Brewing, you know goats play a role here. Besides being great conversation starters for visitors, the animals are actually key to the beermaking process. These four-legged employees keep the hop fields pruned and fertilized so the Johnsons can produce the best hops to make the best beer. The couple now makes around 40 seasonal brews each year, with much of the inspiration coming from produce they grow on their property, including a variety of fruits, as well as bees for honey and pollination, and, of course, the main ingredient for any beer: hops. Almost 90 percent of the hops for GoatHouse beers are grown just steps from where they are made.

Besides having a good time drinking great beer, the couple hopes to showcase the distinct, seasonal flavors of their farmhouse beer—all in an atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.

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