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From the editors: A taste of something new

March/April 2019 California Bountiful magazine

There's no question California has a long and rich tradition of providing the nation's food. Valued for its agricultural potential from the start, today California is the country's leading farm state and top producer of about 75 commodities. But in a state that's constantly reinventing itself, deep-rooted tradition marks just another beginning.

In this issue, we bring you stories of the next generation of farmers who build on family traditions by bringing innovation to our plates. One farmer aims to reinvent the culinary world—and the family business—by supplying duck eggs to chefs. A farmer's daughter returns home from college with a business plan for jarred heirloom tomatoes that are so good she can't keep them in stock. And the food world's newest vegetable makes its debut; find out why one chef calls Caulilini "cauliflower's hot new cousin."

Some things never change in the Golden State, though, such as the commitment of those in its heartland to give back. A lumber company lends a hand (and quite a few boards) to school garden programs, and a nonprofit helps combat veterans get back on their feet by climbing on the back of a horse.

Enjoy a taste of our state's bounty. And if you're still hungry for more, we invite you to join us on our social media platforms. There's always plenty to see, taste and learn when you call California home, so stop by to read, watch, subscribe and say hi.

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