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Farmhouse Restaurant

Farmer brings fresh perspective to L.A. eatery

At Farmhouse Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, Executive Chef Nathan Peitso creates farm-to-table cuisine that showcases locally grown ingredients at their peak. He doesn't have to look far for the inspiration to keep his menu fresh: Most of the produce comes from his family's Ventura County farm.

Nathan's mother is Andrea Crawford, who was a server in the early years at Chez Panisse, the famed Bay Area restaurant that was at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement. An avid gardener, Andrea sometimes shared the salad greens she grew with Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters, who used them in her restaurant. That passion for gardening eventually became a business. Los Angeles chef Wolfgang Puck helped finance Andrea's move to Southern California, where she began growing on a larger scale and then started Kenter Canyon Farms. 

Nathan calls himself "Executive Farmer" at the family farm, which supplies his restaurant with grain in addition to seasonal produce. Nathan uses the grain for the pasta, pizza and bread at Farmhouse Restaurant and for the baked goods at the family's Roan Mills Bakery in Fullerton.

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