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Wine 101: Pizza and wine pairing

It's a combo we can all enjoy!

The only thing better than eating pizza is pairing it with wine, right? Jody Bogle of Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg offers a few tips to make it a perfect match.

A rich, meaty pizza topped with items like sausage or meatballs deserves an equally rich counterpart, and that's why a high-acid, high-tannic cabernet sauvignon would be its best match. Bold flavors in food can hold when matched with the dark red fruits a cab offers.

Conversely, those who opt for an all-veggie pizza should look to a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. With light notes of citrus and herbs, these will most likely complement similar flavors on the pizza. With roasted veggie on the pizza, you could even consider a hearty red like a cabernet sauvignon.  

A white pizza can also be rich, and therefore needs a wine to cut through those notes. Jody suggests pairing it with a pinot noir or buttery chardonnay. A cream-based dish often pairs well with the creamy notes found in each of these selections.

For the traditionalists who might choose a margherita pizza, a light or medium-bodied red wine will bring out the flavors from the tomatoes. Something like a barbera, a classic chianti or a red blend would work. And for a pizza with a rich red sauce, think of pairing it with a zinfandel.

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