Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: A toast to health, friends and a bountiful table

May/June 2019 California Bountiful magazine

If you're like us, you're happiest when sitting down to a good meal in good company. In this issue, we're serving up a multicourse feast of some of California's most interesting food and farming stories.

Covering both main and side dishes, farmer-chef Adam Navidi serves his own farm-raised tilapia and aquaponically grown produce fertilized by the fish, closing the circle from ocean to earth.

Pair that with a cold beer, brewed with locally crafted malt from California-grown barley that's been years in the making, thanks to the work of one persistent plant breeder.

Or, if you prefer, drink to your health and try a hot cup of moringa tea—the tropical plant has been promoted as the next big "superfood," and some farmers in California are proving it can thrive here.

To end on a sweet note, what's more satisfying than California fruit? We bring you two varieties: cherries grown by a race-car-driving farmer and strawberries that shine in desserts whipped up by a former ballerina.

With company as fascinating as this, and California's bounty on your table, it's a moveable feast with no end in sight. Dig in.

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