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From the editors: One of a kind

July/August 2019 California Bountiful magazine

There's no place like home: California!

If you live in California, you know there's no place like it. From mountain to valley, desert to breaking waves, few places on Earth boast the diversity of climates—not to mention people and perspectives—of our home state. And the farmers who work the fertile land help make California's agricultural offerings as unique as the state itself.

In this issue, we bring you stories of those who shape California's one-of-a-kind food and farming landscape. Meet a couple of farmers who proved mangos can thrive in the desert, earning loyal fans and sell-out harvests of their top-quality fruit. Discover a hidden gem that makes an ideal summer getaway, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and a winemaking family who calls the region home. Sink your teeth into a vibrant new variety of fresh fig grown in California, the nation's sole producer of the fruit. Experience the old-fashioned charm of David Austin English roses and how they mark an important survival strategy for the only cut-flower farmer licensed to grow them in the U.S. And where else but California would a produce company hire a chef to lead an ingredient master class for every employee, from sales staff to delivery drivers?

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Because there's no place like home—especially when home is beautiful, bountiful California.

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