Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Looking up

September/October 2019 California Bountiful magazine

Farmers have their feet firmly on the ground. But often, their gaze is lifted skyward. Planting seeds for the future and seeing the big picture are basic requirements for the job.

This issue, we're looking up too, bringing you stories of solutions, big imaginations and possibilities realized from throughout our fertile state.

Bridging football and farming, one NFL team takes its commitment to a sustainable food supply straight to the top with a stadium-roof garden.

And with fewer monarch butterflies in the skies, California farmers step in to help the species by providing habitat.

Elevating an American classic of convenience to farm-to-table status, California-grown hard durum wheat lends Italian-style authenticity to boxed mac and cheese.

And the future for one Old World seasonal favorite—chestnuts—is looking up, as a farmer revives a family tradition.

Armed with his imagination and a welder's torch, one former farm manager's ability to see the beautiful possibilities in used objects helped him create a rural art oasis.

But sometimes those with the biggest imaginations are the smallest among us, as the winners of an agriculture-focused story-writing contest for California schoolkids proved once again.

Rooted in today, looking toward tomorrow: We're taking a cue from California farmers to keep our eyes on the horizon. Let's see what we discover together.

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