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Re:Think Ice Cream

California entrepreneur churns up new idea for ice cream

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You're never too old to enjoy a bowl of ice cream, or to rethink the idea of ice cream fitting into a healthy lifestyle. At least if you're George Haymaker.

George created his own brand of healthy ice cream, Re:Think, in 2018. The name was born from the fact that, years ago when George entered recovery for a substance addiction, he was forced to rethink everything in his life—and that included his favorite snack. So he set out to make a healthier version of the ice creams currently on the market.

What makes it healthier? For starters, it's low-glycemic and made with an organic agave sweetener. There are no artificial sugars and no sugar alcohols in this ice cream. And ingredients like green tea extract and whey protein have been added for flavor and their nutritional benefits. With flavors like Turmeric Ginger and Coconut Matcha, the ice creams might sound indulgent, but are anything but. Per half-cup serving, each has 8 grams of protein. Sugar varies according to flavor, from 7 to 9 grams, and calories range from 140 to 170.

George hopes Re:THINK encourages folks to rethink how they view ice cream. It is truly an "indulgence with benefits," he says, which is the tagline on every carton and a life mantra he follows every day. (George tell us he eats about a pint of his own ice cream a day!)

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