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January/February 2020 California Bountiful magazine

A new year is here. Let us help you make 2020 a better, brighter and more bountiful one.

If fitness tops your list of resolutions, power up your workouts with whey protein; California dairies are harnessing the nutrition in the leftovers from cheesemaking and putting it to work.

Give your diet a lift with fresh vegetables grown in the Imperial Valley. The region's warm, sunny days during winter make it a hotspot for leafy greens and other vegetables, keeping the nation's plate healthy and green throughout the coldest months.

For help in practicing gratitude, take a look at the winning images from our annual photo contest and be reminded why you're thankful to call California home—and for the people who work hard to make the land so abundant.

For inspiration in leaving a lighter footprint on our shared home, read up on the winners and nominees of the annual Leopold Conservation Award, which recognizes farmers and ranchers for their achievements in environmental stewardship.

And take time for self-care by indulging in a bit of levity. We delve into the current craze surrounding llamas and alpacas, which are popping up on décor and more just about everywhere you look.

Whatever this year brings, we're resolved to keep exploring with you all the best this California life has to offer.

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