Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Resiliency and resolve

May/June 2020 California Bountiful magazine

Our nation has undergone significant changes these past several weeks, but one thing hasn't changed: America's need for a safe, reliable food supply. The new realities brought on by the novel coronavirus only underscore the critical role California family farmers and ranchers play in helping fill grocery shelves, kitchen pantries and restaurant menus.

As our magazine goes to press, we don't know what new turns the COVID-19 story will have taken by the time you read it. But the crisis brought new focus on the ability to adapt and persevere under challenging circumstances and the resiliency of all who have made feeding people their life's work—from farmers who fine-tuned procedures to keep employees at safe distances as they harvest essential crops to restaurant owners who enhanced takeout and delivery offerings to include grocery items.

History shows that in times of crisis, resiliency and resolve are among the keys to recovery.

We hope this issue of California Bountiful finds you safe and healthy, and that the stories on the following pages provide diversion, an opportunity to learn, and inspiration for things to do when we're all able to get out and explore the world again.

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