Califonia Bountiful

Cauliflower crusts

Discover how one woman grew a business from just one vegetable!

At any farmers market, how do you stand out from the crowd? Personality? Product? Is it a unique pitch? For Leslie Gates, it's all of those things—because she's found that not all pizza crusts are created equal.

At several markets across the Sacramento area, you'll find Leslie and her husband, Jeff, selling one of the more unique products you'll see at any market: "Cali Crusts," which are pizza crusts made entirely from California-grown cauliflower.

What also makes Leslie's product noteworthy is that there are only a few ingredients in her crusts: eggs, cheese, herbs, spices and cauliflower. In fact, a whole head of cauliflower goes into each crust! And Leslie's product is as local as it comes: It's made just an hour north of Sacramento in a small but productive commercial kitchen in Yuba City, where Leslie and Jeff spend their evenings making and packaging each crust by hand.

Leslie came up with the idea over the course of 20 years. She thought about becoming a vegetarian, but instead opted to a flexitarian. This basically means that although she leads more of a plant-based lifestyle, she still eats fish and chicken and whatever she chooses. As she says, "You can have it all, in a diet plan."

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