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From the editors: The power of positivity

July/August 2020 California Bountiful magazine

We recently read a piece by the president of the American Farm Bureau titled "The power of positivity" and thought, yes, that's exactly the message we'd like to share here in welcoming you to this issue of California Bountiful magazine.

Our intent is not to downplay the calamity of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's simply to ensure we take time to focus on the positives as well—and there are plenty. Just thumb through our story called "Reaching out," which offers a snapshot of the ways Californians have helped one another cope with the crisis. Through creative problem solving, people in all parts of the state are harnessing the power of positivity to regain some of what's been lost.

The American Farm Bureau president also pointed out in his piece that farmers and ranchers are naturally positive people. We can attest to that—and we hope the stories here provide compelling examples of how the work they do impacts our lives in positive ways.

Do you count the days until your favorite summertime fruit appears in the market? Have you dreamed of exploring the wilderness astride a horse? Known where the grapes were grown just by sampling a wine? Ever heard of yangmei? Maybe your answers are "yes" or "no" or a few of each. No matter: This issue of California Bountiful delves into those topics and more with the hope of offering you insight into the agricultural treasures of the Golden State.

We're positive of that.

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