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July/August 2020 California Bountiful magazine

Couple discusses benefits of long-term care insurance

Wade and Kirsten McAfee are Farm Bureau members who manage a grain farm in its sixth generation. They know there are many things you can't control when growing crops and raising livestock.

"As farmers, we do everything we possibly can to grow good crops or raise healthy animals, and sometimes Mother Nature is hard on us and we have no control over that," Wade said.

While there's no controlling Mother Nature, the McAfees have made sure to focus on what they can control to help prepare for the unexpected.

Therefore, after their son Braxton was born, they wanted to make sure that if anything happened to one of them, they could still care for the entire family while keeping the farm intact.

They met with their Nationwide agent to discuss how they could protect their family and farm above and beyond the life insurance policies they already had. That's when they learned about a long-term care policy.

"The long-term care for us, with farming being a dangerous business and the risks that are involved, I wanted to make sure that should something happen to one of us, we would have the care that we needed and still have the farm business operational and not have to take away from that piece of it," Kirsten said.

"We don't know what our health will be like in 30 years. By looking at the long-term policy, we can map out our future a little better," Wade said.

As they know their needs may change over time, the McAfees said they appreciate the availability of their agent and take advantage of the annual On Your Side Review.

"We have a yearly On Your Side Review, and my agent comes out and speaks with me and we discuss anything new, anything I may have lost that I don't need insured, or maybe I fixed up a building and I want to add more insurance to that. I really never did that before, and that's really peace of mind for me," Wade said.

Kirsten said she knows their farm is different and unique from the next and appreciated that her agent recognized that as well.

"Nationwide really opened my eyes to the policy I used to have and what was not actually insured under that policy that I thought was," she said.

"That was one of the main reasons I gave Nationwide my business for my farm," Wade said.

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