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Gardening: Trees 101

Learn how easy it is to plant and grow trees at home!

Planting a tree is a lifelong commitment because they are legacy pieces, according to Travis Gill of Green Acres Nursery and Supply. He offers a few helpful tips on how to plant and care for trees so they provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Dig the hole twice as wide as the pot the tree is in and also dig to the proper depth—no more. If the tree is planted too deep, new roots will have difficulty developing. Mix soil amendment at a 50-50 ratio with the soil, add to the hole and plant the tree.

Pack soil around the base of the root ball to stabilize it. Fill the remainder of the hole, firmly packing the soil to eliminate air pockets that may dry out roots. Make sure the root ball is 1 to 2 inches above the native soil line. If you dig too deep and the plant sinks over time, it might retain water and develop poor drainage. Add trees stakes to help stabilize the tree, tying the stakes to the trunk so it won't be injured as it grows. Water your new tree immediately and often during its first growing season.

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