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September/October 2020 California Bountiful magazine


A farmer's best friend

Every dog has its day—but the one that wins the Grand Prize in the 2020 California Farm Bureau farm dog contest will also earn $1,000 in cash for its owner. Runners-up receive cash prizes, too. The rules are simple: Submit up to four photos and a brief essay about why your dog is an integral part of your farm or ranch operation. The contest is open only to Farm Bureau members, and entries must be postmarked or submitted online by Oct. 16. For more details:

Sip some sake

In a new California-Japan partnership, a Merced County rice farmer is sending his rice to a brewery in the Japan Fukushima Prefecture city of Nihonmatsu to make sake. Ross Koda, a third-generation farmer who manages Koda Farms, said he's been wanting to use his organic rice to create good-quality sake. Koda Farms rice will provide ingredients for two new rice wines dubbed Uka. The sake is expected to be launched in the U.S. in October.

Say cheese

From a buttery Jersey milk cheese to a creamy habanero jack, California artisan cheeses make great gifts for others or for you to enjoy yourself. To help California cheesemakers who have been hit hard by the pandemic, the California Milk Advisory Board and dairy exporter HarbyrCo began selling California Cheesemakers' Select boxes. Each seasonal box—available at—includes four hand-picked artisan cow's milk cheeses that can be delivered throughout the U.S.

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