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From the editors: Bringing their stories to light

March/April 2021 California Bountiful magazine

Welcome to the latest issue of California Bountiful magazine. Maybe you noticed something different this time around: We have a new logo! And, as with any logo, there's a story behind it.

Did you know California Bountiful is published by the California Farm Bureau? We're a 102-year-old grassroots organization whose key purpose is to secure the future of family farmers and ranchers and the bounty they provide every day. It's our hope that the logo demonstrates the relationship between this magazine and the organization that creates it for you.

California Farm Bureau is made up of 53 county Farm Bureaus, together representing the people whose hard work and passion have made California the No. 1 agricultural state since the late 1940s. Farmers and ranchers here likely contribute to most meals eaten in the U.S., bringing to the table more than a third of the nation's domestically grown vegetables and two-thirds of its nuts and fruits—not to mention a wide variety of meats, cheeses and other dairy foods, flowers, forest products and more.

We redesigned our logo to represent all California Farm Bureau and its members have to offer by incorporating a barn and imagery that evokes crop rows and water. Importantly, the light in the barn is on. In California, where there's always something being harvested, there's always a light on in a barn.

When you subscribe to California Bountiful, you're helping keep the light on by supporting the people who make California bountiful. We thank you.

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