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March/April 2021 California Bountiful magazine

City slogans point to California's rich agricultural heritage

California farmers and ranchers provide an unparalleled variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, fibers, forest products—you name it. It's no wonder the proud residents of many rural communities promote themselves based on their agricultural heritage or top crop.

Here are the answers to the name game—plus a little insight into how farmers and ranchers help make California bountiful! Feel free to let us know how you scored:

1. Patterson
Apricot Capital of the World
With apricots flourishing in the area, this Stanislaus County town adopted its slogan in the early 1970s. The Patterson apricot variety remains popular for its high yield and delicate flavor.

2. Castroville
Artichoke Center of the World
Growing artichokes in Castroville started as a custom and livelihood for Swiss-Italian farmers, who planted the thistle as a reminder of home. Today, California produces nearly 100% of the nation's fresh artichokes, two-thirds of which are grown in Castroville.

3. Holtville
Carrot Capital of the World
Carrots are grown year-round in California and have thrived in this Imperial County town for more than a century. Like many agriculture-proud communities, Holtville celebrates its heritage annually with a festival and parade.

4. Linden
Cherry Capital of the World
This San Joaquin County community is one of several cherry-growing areas in California, which harvest the crop between April and June. About 40% of California-grown cherries are exported to markets around the world.

5. Smith River
Easter Lily Capital of the World
Almost all of the world's potted Easter lilies originate from this narrow coastal strip of Del Norte County. Smith River is considered ideal for growing lily bulbs because of its rainfall, mild temperatures and rich soils.

6. Tulelake
Horseradish Capital of the World
Tulelake accounts for a third or more of the nation's production of horseradish, a 6- to 13-inch root whose relatives include mustard, wasabi, broccoli, cabbage and other members of the Brassica family. Founded in 1937, Tulelake sits along the Oregon border in Siskiyou County.

7. Norco
Horsetown U.S.A.

This equestrian-oriented community in Riverside County features more than 400 acres of parkland and one of the largest networks of horse trails in the nation. Even the business districts are equipped with horse crossings and hitching posts.

8. Selma
Raisin Capital of the World
Once known as "Home of the Peach," this Fresno County town began promoting raisins instead in 1963. Fresno County is the state's leading raisin producer, growing 105,000 acres of grapes that are dried into the sweet treat.

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