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Gardening: Gardening 101: Seeds

Starting your garden from seeds

Kristina Lacayo of Green Acres Nursery and Supply in Northern California says there are many reasons to start your garden indoors with seeds, but the main benefit is getting an early start on the gardening season. In colder climates with short growing seasons, starting seeds indoors allows you to possibly gain a few weeks of growing time, which can really make a difference when frost looms in the fall and winter. Kristina recommends consulting the seed packet of the vegetable you're trying to grow because you'll find a lot of useful information there, including how far in advance to plant before your area's first frost. 

Kristina says broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and tomatoes are the best seeds to start with because they can be easily transplanted.

Another key is the soil. Kristina advises on using a seed starter soil because it will provide the ideal condition for sprouting seeds. If possible, don't use garden soil to start seeds indoors; it generally doesn't drain well. 

Fill your seedling pots, tray or a germination box with the pre-moistened starting mix. Place two to four seeds on the surface of the starting mix and gently press down so the seeds are fully covered. Place them near heat—in the warmest part of your home. 

After your seedlings spout leaves, you know you are ready to transplant into a larger container and continue your garden-growing journey!

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