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Gardening: Must-have gardening tools

Find out what the must-have tools are to make you a gardening guru in no time!

While gardening can be a fun hobby, it can quickly become thorny without the right tools. Kristina Lacayo from Green Acres Nursery and Supply offers her essential tools to getting the most out of your gardening experience.


  1. Bypass pruners: This is Kristina's favorite tool of all time. Their design is great for cutting dry brush as you prune your way around the garden. They are an all-purpose tool you should carry at all times. Kristina says they will last a lifetime.
  2. Root Slayer: This is the brand name of a durable cutting hand shovel that can dig through tough roots. It also has a measuring system on the side and a bottle opener. What more could you ask for?
  3. Soil moisture meter: Kristina says people come to the nursery all the time to ask how much they should water their plants. This tool will help. Simply stick the meter in the soil and it will tell you if it's dry or wet underground, giving you an idea of when to water.
  4. Soil tester: This tool tests the pH level of your soil. Some plants do well in more acidic soil and some do better in a more alkaline soil. This will tell you which one you have in your garden.
  5. Gardening gloves: This is the tool every gardener needs—whether you're just starting out or have had a green thumb your entire life. Kristina recommends gloves with a rubber lining, as they will stay dry and will help when you're working with roses or succulents.


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