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Farmer Bob's World of Citrus

Discover how one farm is devoted to educating the new crop of citrus lovers in California!

At Farmer Bob's World of Citrus in Tulare County, there is something for everybody to enjoy about the fruit.

From demonstration orchards and a U-pick orchard to a wagon tour, petting zoo, live music and citrus-themed gift shop, this is exactly what farmer Bob McKellar envisioned when he had the idea for the World of Citrus years ago. Local schools were asking him if they could come visit, so he decided to turn his whole farm into one big interactive classroom for kids of all ages to enjoy on a daily basis.

"Farmer Bob" still lives on the farm and oversees a lot of the farming operation as well, because beyond the fanfare about citrus, it is still a working farm with nearly 80 acres of oranges and mandarins. The Tulare County area that Bob calls home has one of the best climates for growing citrus, with cool nights and warm days. After being harvested by hand, the fruit goes to a nearby packing shed, where it is washed, sorted and sent to a variety of export markets plus some here in California.

Teaching about farming, agriculture and, of course, citrus are all at the heart of Farmer Bob's world and in the heart of the man who hopes history will help educate the future.

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