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Wine 101: How to taste like a pro!

Even if you're a wine novice, following this order will help enhance your next wine-tasting experience  

Though any winemaker will tell you there's no wrong way to taste wine, there is a better order to properly enjoy the finer nuances of each wine. Mike Heringer of Heringer Estates in Clarksburg says following a few simple tips to your tasting order is your safest bet to getting the most out of your wine-tasting experience!

First off, start with the whites and if you have a sparkling wine—that's your first wine to start with. A sparkling wine is light and may have some sweetness, but it won't leave a lingering taste in your mouth. Then you can move on to your other whites.

Drinking lighter whites before bigger reds helps prevent the bigger reds from dulling your palate to the subtleties of the lighter-bodied whites. Mike says to think light body before heavy body. The wines with deeper color are usually heavier than the lighter-colored wines. If you start with a heavy wine, the lighter wine seems almost flavorless. He adds that dry wines should be enjoyed before sweeter wines, as sugar coats the palate and can make dry wines taste bitter—so go with a Riesling before a Moscato. Fortified wines, or dessert wines (Port), should be last because most are quite sugary and have high alcohol levels.

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