Califonia Bountiful

From the editors: Advocates share the farm-to-fork connection

November/December 2021 California Bountiful magazine

Every day, people sit down and enjoy meals. Every day, farmers and ranchers work hard to make that possible. In this issue of California Bountiful, we share several stories of individuals who help others in their communities experience the connections between themselves and the farm.

Marcie Davis and her family run a sheep dairy—and many people were surprised by that. So, to let folks know that milking sheep is indeed a "thing," she began posting on social media, started a blog and wrote a children's picture book. Here, you'll find her family's story, a review of the book and ideas for using sheep milk.

Members of Farm Bureau's Young Farmers & Ranchers have created multiple ways to help their communities and communicate the importance of agriculture. Read about projects of the Kern County YF&R committee, including a charity farmers market benefitting a school garden.

Christmas tree grower Robert Criswell had a minor problem. So many families looking for a festive and scenic setting for their holiday photos were descending upon his farm that it was crowding out tree shoppers. Find out how he warmly welcomed the photographers while keeping his customers happy.

When winemaker Judy Jordan sold her business, she wanted to share her many years of success by helping young women get started in agricultural careers. She launched WG Edge, which awards scholarships for agriculture and natural resources studies.

Heather Fortes always enjoyed cooking and learning about how and where the ingredients were grown. This resulted in a tour business, where she leads day trips centered around farms, food and beverages and how they are all connected.

We hope you enjoy reading about these advocates of agriculture and their efforts to share their passion with others.

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