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Wine 101: Wine on the go!

Wine on the go: Perfectly portable!

Whether you're camping or relaxing by the beach, carrying a bulky wine bottle with you can be a hassle. But thanks to some new products on the market, it's easier than ever to take your favorite California wines with you. And better yet: no bottle opener or glassware needed!

Mike Heringer of Heringer Estates tells California Bountiful TV host Tracy Sellers about new ways to take your wine on the go. The first is wine in a can.

"It's not necessarily about the vessel because wine is stored in various vessels during its life," he said. "Wine is stored in stainless steel tanks, oak barrels and glass bottles and now we've got cans."

Right now, Heringer Estates offers a rosé, a white blend and a red blend with the flavors of summer berries, vanilla and chocolate all combined to make the perfect refresher. Sip with caution, though: Each can has about two glasses of wine in it.

The other option that more wineries are trying now are wine slushies, and Heringer Estates just released its wine slushy bags. Each bag has a nozzle that you can easily screw off and pour into your glass and enjoy a frosty version of your favorite adult beverage on the go. Cheers!

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