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Gardening: Gardening Tools

Whether you're a gardening guru and or a newbie, finding the right tool to help you makes the hobby that much more enjoyable!

Kristina Lacayo of Green Acres Nursery and Supply in Elk Grove offered up five of her all-time favorite tools for getting your garden to grow!

1)    The digging fork- These forks are generally used to move compost, mulch, or soil. The curves in the tines help you scoop up a large heap of mulch or compost to spread it into the garden or turn and mix compost piles. This type of fork is more like a pitchfork. Kristina also mentioned the fork is great to use when incorporating fertilizer or compost into your garden beds.

2)    The hula hoe-This is great for getting weeds out in your garden beds. It's kid friendly as well so you can get them involved in the gardening too!

3)    Loppers- These are great if you have well-established trees and shrubs because these can prune through thicker limbs.

4)    Rake- A rake is always good for picking up leaves, but did you know a rake can be used to level out your bedding or gravel. A sturdy rake is perfect for moving mulch or compost around too.

5)    Kangaroo Pop-Up Bag-This tool is ideal for collecting weeds, grass clippings and other type of yard waste without having to carry around your yard waste bin with you.


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