Califonia Bountiful

A budding success on the Central Coast

Nothing warms the heart quite like the all-American rose.

For many, flowers are a symbol of beauty, romance and pure love. Giving them to someone can mean a variety of things---forgiveness, devotion or friendship. And nothing warms the heart quite like the All-American rose. Still a perennial favorite, no bouquet is complete without one.

Many of those colorful, romantic flowers get their start at the Eufloria Greenhouses in the quiet Central Coast town of Nipomo. Founded in 1984 by Andy Koch, Eufloria has grown to become the worldwide leader in production of tea roses, with 8 1/2 acres of greenhouses producing about 6 million blooms a year.

Andy is the seventh generation of his family to grow roses and he credits his father as being a big reason for their continued success.

Eufloria grows more than 70 varieties of roses, including Polar Star, which won best of its kind in the world. Other varieties include Tropical Amazon, Gold Strike and Happy Hour.

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