Califonia Bountiful

Scenes of summer

July/Aug. 2011 California Country magazine

Across California, pastures, fields and orchards are abuzz with activity as the state's crops hit their prime.

Central Coast rancher Richard Gonzales describes a perfect day as one that he spends riding among his cattle herd on his horse Roany.

Florinda Perez-Reyes sorts Bartlett pears at David J. Elliot & Son, where the Elliot family continues a 150-year tradition of growing pears along the Sacramento River delta.

Chefs appreciate fresh California-grown figs for their crunchy texture and dense, sweet flesh. (Try recipe for chocolate crepes with port wine-infused Mission figs.)

Yolo County farmer Judith Redmond stands amid a field of bright, showy sunflowers.

Dominic Judge grew up in the city, but now farms organic hay in rural San Luis Obispo County.

Janice Smith tempts customers at her family's Contra Costa County farm stand with a display of juicy strawberries.

Octaviano Guzman harvests a "cheddar head" variety of cauliflower in the Salinas Valley, which calls itself the Salad Bowl of the World.

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