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Fresh Ideas: In a hurry? No worries!

July/Aug. 2011 California Country magazine

Some days you just don't have time to fret over what to eat. But that doesn't mean fresh, local flavor is out of the question. Here are some quick meal and snack ideas, inspired by the bounty of California farms and ranches.

Getting to the heart of the matter

Attention artichoke fans: You might want to consider adding Monterey Farms ArtiHearts to your shopping list. Monterey Farms, a small, locally owned business in Sand City, uses a natural process to produce fresh, ready-to-eat artichoke hearts in convenient 6-oz. packages. ArtiHearts can be enjoyed right out of the bag or heated and served with a dip or dressing. Flavors include Grilled, Buffalo, Herbal and Natural.

Available: online and a limited number of markets
More information: or 831-393-1328

Fast as a pancake

Pancake pioneers Jack Harper and Jason Jervis serve up stacks of flavor and freshness with their new line of gourmet pancake and waffle mixes. Distributed under San Francisco-based parent company Harvis Enterprises Ltd., Jack & Jason's Pancakes & Waffles are made using local ingredients, including whole wheat grains and flours from a Bay Area mill and blueberries and walnuts from Modesto farmers. Five signature flavors include Original, Blueberry, Double Chocolate, Banana Walnut and Pumpkin Spice.

Available: online and San Francisco-area specialty stores
More information: or 888-668-7728

It's easy being green

Cut to the quick with Misionero's new line of triple-washed, trimmed and ready-to-use lettuces. Located in Monterey County, Misionero harvests its produce in Salinas and Huron. Lettuce varieties are then individually prepared and packed for freshness in single-serve, recloseable containers called clamshells. Garden Life Washed and Trimmed Leaf Clamshells are available in Cosmopolitan, Green, Red and Romaine.

Available: supermarkets nationwide
More information: or 800-328-7252

Breakfast on the go

The people at Diamond Foods understand the importance of a healthy, well-balanced breakfast, but realize that leisurely meals aren't always an option. Their solution: Emerald Nuts Breakfast on the Go. The San Francisco-based company now offers a nutrient-rich blend of California walnuts and almonds mixed with dried fruit and crunchy granola. Choose from three nut blends: S'mores, Berry and Breakfast.

Available: online and supermarkets nationwide
More information:

Crunch time

Root Family Farms has been in business in the San Joaquin Valley for 40 years, supplying customers throughout the United States and Canada with nuts, dried fruit and candies. The family sells about 20 different almond products, and Orange Honey Almonds is a customer favorite. These nuts are grown on the family farm, then dry roasted and coated with a blend of orange flavoring, sugar, vanilla and honey.

Available: online and at 401 Bangs Ave., Suite A, in Modesto
More information: or 888-868-3487

Kim Mims, Ron Miller and Barbara Arciero are reporters for California Country. Send "Fresh Ideas" to them at

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