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From the president: Welcome to California Bountiful

Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 California Bountiful magazine

Paul Wenger
California Farm Bureau President

Eureka—I have found it! This motto was included in the Great Seal of the State of California in 1849, reflecting the state's birth amid the Gold Rush and the promise of riches. The Gold Rush lasted only seven years, but by then the real bounty of California was starting to be recognized.

The geographical and climatic diversity of our state and the availability of water for irrigation have granted California the ability to feed its residents as well as our nation and the world. The cornucopia of products produced on our family farms and ranches makes California the fifth-largest provider of agricultural products in the world.

To provide a connection between rural and urban California, the California Farm Bureau has published California Country magazine for associate members and subscribers since 1977, establishing that connection through lively writing and compelling images.

Now, reflecting California's true bounty, we have renamed and refocused our award-winning magazine and complementary television program as California Bountiful.

California Bountiful will introduce you to the people, places and products that make up the fabric of our rich agricultural environment. In addition to providing a diversity of fresh food products unmatched anywhere in the world, our agricultural legacy provides a vision for the sustainable, renewable economic stimulus of farming in 21st century California.

The magazine has added new features: a page of brief items including health tips about California-grown foods called A la Carte; an On Location page that focuses on one part of California and what makes it distinctive; and a personality profile we call It's a Bountiful Life. On our new website,, you'll find additional features plus the California Bountiful television program.

The magazine and television program also address the goals of the California Bountiful Foundation, which promotes outreach, education and research to cultivate a better understanding of the many benefits our rural landscapes provide to all Californians. We hope you'll join the foundation in its work; see to learn more.

Above all, thank you for reading. Enjoy California Bountiful!

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