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Souper simple recipes

Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 California Bountiful magazine

Cool weather seems to bring with it an irresistible desire to cook up a big pot of soup. Are you in the mood for creamy bisque, spicy gumbo, chunky chowder? Whatever your taste, here are a few tips for creating delicious, satisfying soup.

  • Be brave—experiment. Start with a recipe that appeals to you and tweak as desired depending on what you have available or what your nose and taste buds tell you as you cook.
  • Use an immersion hand blender to create a creamy texture without the need for heavy cream. Or you can blend half of the soup to retain some vegetable chunks.
  • Add whatever produce you have on hand such as root vegetables in winter, asparagus in spring, tomatoes in summer and squashes in the fall. Soups are wonderfully adaptable to any season.
  • Keep your pantry stocked with the few basics of yellow onion, garlic, spices and broth, and you're never far from a good meal.
  • Make easy homemade broth after roasting a whole chicken. Put the bones and giblets into a pot, add several cups of water, season to taste and simmer for several hours. Freeze extra broth for soup later.
  • Garnish soup with fresh herbs or a shaving of Parmesan cheese. Pair with a salad, some crusty French bread and voila, you have an elegant, simple meal.

Here are two new recipes to help get your creative soup juices flowing.


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