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  • Applewood smoked bacon wrapped wild mushroom meatloaf

    Local porcini mushrooms enhance this classic comfort food, elevated with applewood smoked bacon and using a special blend of ground beef (80% ground chuck and 20% ground brisket) to bring out flavors you can't resist.

  • Dungeness crab salad with Asian pear, mango and avocado

    The combination of crab and fresh fruit is not only appealing to the eye and delicious, but it also will give you that "tropical" feeling!

  • Grilled rack of lamb with cherry, balsamic vinegar and rosemary glaze

    A rich and tangy glaze complements this tender lamb that is available only once a year. Great served with seasonal vegetables and roasted, grilled or mashed potatoes. Chef's tip: "A good quality veal or beef stock is a must."

  • Lime and ginger grilled Pacific spotted prawns with cilantro-garlic butter

    The horseradish in the prawn marinade gives it a little kick, along with the garlic and ginger. The pineapple juice in the cilantro-garlic butter adds a sweet and tangy aspect. Ideal accompaniments include quinoa and fresh asparagus.

  • Local chanterelle mushroom pasta with creamy Cambozola sauce

    Mendocino chef Steve Smith describes this as "a rich and satisfying dish with lots of mushroom flavor enhanced by tangy Cambozola cheese."

  • Vegan falafel burgers

    This main dish gives vegans, or anybody, a burger experience bursting with flavor. 

  • Vegan walnut "chorizo" stuffed bell peppers

    These stuffed bell peppers, adapted by Wellnut Farms from a recipe by California Walnuts, feature walnut butter for a unique twist.

  • Asparagus with poached egg

    "In the spring, nasturtiums start to bloom as do other edible flowers such as violas, chrysanthemums and calendulas. Use any and all," says Central Coast chef Rachel Haggstrom. "Nasturtium leaves and flowers add a nice bit of tang to this salad and make it beautiful."

  • Ceres mushroom bisque

    This rich and savory mushroom bisque is a cool-weather favorite of clients and staff of Ceres Community Project. Mushrooms are a nutrient-dense source of vitamins B and D and contain antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. The Ceres kitchen uses a variety of mushrooms grown in Sonoma County.

  • Chicken pot pie

    The great thing about a pot pie is the flexibility. "Feel free to use any vegetables and ingredients that you like," chef Rachel Haggstrom says. "Mix and match vegetables, make it vegetarian, play with the herbs using what you have access to."

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