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  • Harris Ranch blue cheeseburger

    Take your burger game to the next level with a few key additions!

  • Asparagus soup with dino kale, white beans, Parmesan Reggiano and prosciutto

    This soup is one of Moro Italiano Executive Chef Mindy Oh's favorite ways to eat beans: "It's warm and savory, and the umami from the Parmesan Reggiano makes it hearty without being too heavy."

  • Polenta with caramelized shallots, roasted asparagus and salsa verde

    "At Mora, one of the biggest comments I hear is that people love polenta, but they're scared to make it at home," Executive Chef Mindy Oh said, adding that the Italian staple is surprisingly easy to make. And it's versatile: "Sweet, savory, creamy, tomatoey—it all goes well with polenta."

  • Radicchio salad with mint, pistachios, Pecorino Romano and grapefruit honey vinaigrette

    Hesitant to add radicchio to your salad because of its bitterness? Soaking the leaves in ice water and massaging them with a slightly sweet dressing transform the vegetable's flavor, Los Angeles chef Mindy Oh said. Here, she pairs radicchio with the freshness of mint, the saltiness of Pecorino Romano and the sweetness of honey.

  • Roasted chicken with fingerling potatoes

    At Mora Italiano, Executive Chef Mindy Oh squeezes fresh meyer lemon juice on fingerling potatoes prior to roasting. The sugars from the juice caramelize on top of the potatoes, infusing a sweet but savory flavor. Because meyer lemons can be difficult to find, Oh suggests substituting navel oranges, which "work just as well and add more sweetness."

  • Roasted radishes, asparagus, shallots and green peas with green goddess dressing

    "Roasted radishes paired with green goddess dressing is almost like eating french fries with ranch for me," Los Angeles chef Mindy Oh said. "I describe green goddess as a brighter, herbier and more grown-up version of ranch."

  • Chocolate swirl bread

    Rich and decadent, this recipe puts a "twist" on the typical chocolate dessert!

  • Beets and burrata

    Beets and burrata have become a quintessential pair, merging the vegetable's signature earthiness with the cheese's mild, creamy profile. To dress it up for winter, chef Daniel England favors a citrus-based vinaigrette, mint pesto and a touch of rosemary.

  • Curry roasted acorn squash with mint pesto

    Sweet, buttery acorn squash contributes a comforting nostalgia to winter menus. Unlike the traditionally milder versions, chef Daniel England's recipe features the captivating piquancy of madras yellow curry.

  • Fig and chevre tart

    Merging the distinctively sweet, tangy and velvety characteristics of goat cheese with the honey-like sweetness of figs, this puff pastry creation is an idyllic way to end a winter feast.

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