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  • Frijoles de la olla compuestos (Brothy beans with garnish)

    Beans, simmered for hours with a smoked ham hock, are a satisfying and delicious side dish. "With little effort, they can be a great main dish," chef David Gomez said.

  • Calabacitas (Pork-zucchini stew)

    There are many variations to this dish; however, squash is the one ingredient always present. "This is how I remember my mom's calabacitas, along with beans and fresh, homemade flour tortillas," chef David Gomez said. "I easily return to that moment of my life."

  • Empanadas de manzana (Apple empanadas)

    Chef David Gomez's mother used to make a bread pudding with cinnamon, sugar, cheddar cheese, raisins and apples during the Lenten season. "This is an empanada version I created to honor those memories," he said.

  • Fig, pomegranate and goat cheese salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette

    A few years ago, Kelly Gomez discovered her appreciation for figs. "This salad celebrates her newfound love for figs, along with some of her other favorites," her husband, David, said.

  • Roots Catering brown rice horchata

    "As a child, one of the most refreshing drinks I can remember on a warm summer day is horchata," chef David Gomez said. "When asked by a local rice grower if we could provide sample tastings to promote their brown rice, we came up with this version of a classic."

  • Seared halibut with peas, peas and peas and grapefruit

    Halibut is a mild fish that pairs beautifully with seasonal sweet peas and an acidic ingredient like grapefruit!

  • Quinoa with burrata salad recipe

    A fresh and light quinoa salad gets a rich and creamy addition of burrata and pesto for a satisfying meal!

  • Carne asada tacos

    Skirt steak is Hank Guerrero's preferred cut for these tacos: "It's very tender and a little more forgiving if you overcook it. Remember to cut it against the grain."

  • Chipotle chicken tacos

    "One of my favorite dishes that my mom makes" is how Hank Guerrero categorizes this versatile chicken recipe, which can be served in tacos or over rice or nachos. "It's not overly spicy. It's a little smoky."

  • Corn tortillas

    Just four ingredients, and you're well on your way to freshly made corn tortillas. Sure, you can buy a tortilla press to flatten the dough, but a pair of flat-bottomed plates works just as well.

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