Califonia Bountiful
Side Dish

Winter citrus salad

A wintertime bounty of citrus fruits goes into this colorful salad, which features halved grapefruit as its bowl.

Chef/owner David LeFevre
Manhattan Beach Post (MB Post), Manhattan Beach

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3 Ruby Red grapefruit
2 Cara Cara oranges
2 navel oranges
2 blood oranges
1 Oroblanco or white grapefruit
Sliced red grapes
Shaved or crushed ice
2 tbsp. honey
6 mint leaves, chopped chiffonade (thin strips)


Slice red grapefruit in half and carefully remove segments to form a total of 6 "bowls" with the peel. The salad will be served in these bowls. Remove segments from remaining citrus fruit. Toss all segmented fruit and grapes in ice to thoroughly chill. Remove from ice and divide equally among the 6 grapefruit bowls.

Place bowls atop ice to keep chilled. Just before serving, drizzle each bowl of fruit with honey and garnish with a few strips of mint. Refrigerate any remaining fruit for future use.

Serves 6

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