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June/July 2012 California Bountiful magazine

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Our intrepid photographers have taken tens of thousands of photos to perfect their craft. Here are a few tips and tricks they've learned over the years that you can use to create picture-perfect images.

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Back to the tips:

  • Look through the viewfinder and analyze the frame. Simple backgrounds are usually best. Check your surroundings and move your subject accordingly. If the background is too busy or there are trees or bushes "growing" out of the person's head, it doesn't make for a very flattering shot.
  • Avoid photographing something straight-on. Try bending down and pointing the camera up, or standing on something and shooting down.
  • Where is your light source coming from? Ask your subjects to stand facing the light or with their side to the light so they don't become a dark silhouette against a bright window or landscape. If you are shooting in the middle of the day and the sun makes the lighting harsh, ask your subject to stand in a shaded area (not mottled light, but overall shade). You can adjust your camera settings so the light flatters your subject with no harsh shadows on their face and body.
  • Try to arrange your photo shoots for later in the day (toward sunset) or very early in the morning. The light is softer and makes for a more pleasing image.

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