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Located in downtown Century City, one restaurant is turning over a new leaf on California cuisine.

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The idea for the Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop restaurant came from Chef Jonathon Rollo, or as he's known around the restaurant, the "Commander in Leaf." Having grown up in Southern California but then heading to Chicago for culinary school, he missed the fresh, local produce that was abundant in California. So upon graduation, he returned to the Golden State with a goal: to create fresh, healthy options for people on the go in Tinsel Town.

And boy, do they have options at Greenleaf! Jonathon loves to incorporate local produce into all of his salads. Customer favorites include the "Everything from the Kitchen Sink Cobb Salad" and the "Antioxidant Orchard Salad." Customers can also build their own salads and sandwiches.

The secret to making things taste so good? Using a lot of fresh California produce, of course. Jonathon and his team go through more than 600 pounds of lettuce every week, along with almost 200 pounds each of tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and lemons, to name a few. Their goal here is to create the most imaginative and healthy recipes so people feel good about eating good.

"I realize it would be very hard to pull this off in any other environment but in California," Jonathon said. "Here we can show off the really great stuff we have that's 10 or 20 miles away, and it's cool to support those guys and in turn they're supporting us."
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