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July/Aug. 2013 California Bountiful magazine

Learn how to pick the perfect watermelon, make kid-friendly snacks and discover what's fun on Facebook.

How to pick a perfect watermelon

Sure, you can knock on it. But unless a watermelon answers with, "I'm a good one, pick me!" perhaps the best way to find a juicy watermelon is to turn it over. Look for a creamy yellow spot where it sat on the ground and ripened in the sun. Also, lift it up to see if it's heavy. Watermelon is 92 percent water, so if it's a good one, it will be weighty.

That's just peachy

August is National Peach Month, and there is a lot to appreciate about the fuzzy fruit. With less than 70 calories in a large peach, it makes a great natural sweetener to everything from cereal to low-fat yogurt. Peaches also contain vitamin A for healthy vision and vitamin C for building tissue, and pack a healthy punch with potassium. So while you're cutting up peaches for a pitcher of sangria this weekend, you can say, "It's for my health!"

Garden of eatin'

Walk the produce aisles and farmers markets in the summertime, and you'll be dazzled by all the colorful, healthful fruits and vegetables that are yours for the picking. Here are some great ideas on how to turn California-grown produce into creative summer snacks—for the kids, or for you.

What is that?

Are you a good guesser? Can you look at an extreme close-up of something and know instantly what it is? Well, now you can test those admirable skills with a new, fun feature on our Facebook page called, "What is that?" What may look like a magnified frog's tongue might really be broccoli. Check it out at

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